Sam Smith - In the Lonely Hour - One Year Anniversary

‘In The Lonely Hour’ is 1 year old today. Join me in listening to the album on Spotify now!
As you listen the map will light up and a competition will be unlocked. I hope you enjoy listening. #HappyBirthdayITLH xx

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Today marks one year exactly since the release of my debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ in the UK and Europe!! Thank you so much to everyone for your incredible support over the past 12 months...

Today is a very special day for me, and I’d like to invite you all to stream the album on Spotify using the player on this page. As people across the world listen together, you will see the map light up bit by bit. The more people listening, the brighter the map becomes, so do keep sharing the page with your friends.

When the map is illuminated it will reveal an exclusive In The Lonely Hour competition, giving everyone who has helped the chance to win some exclusive signed items. I’ll also join you to listen to the album and share some of my favourite 'In The Lonely Hour' memories.

I hope you enjoy listening xx